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We deliver all over Australia so if you live within Australia have the confidence to choose your model(s) and we’ll get the TVs to you.

Please note all TVs listed on this page are Factory Second TVs. When making an order please specify that you are enquiring with regards to Factory Second TV.

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What is Factory Second TV?

Our factory second TVs are all in perfect working order when sold, they may have a cosmetic blemish, factory refurbished or only the carton has been damaged during transit.

All Factory Second TVs come with 12 months back-to-base warranty.

For information on what the warranty covers please refer to the terms & conditions.


Bee Chang Sale List

In time to meet Australia switching completely to digital TV by 2013, with some of Australia already converting or have converted to digital TV, Samsung Factory Seconds provides Australia with great savings for your desired TVs whether it be PLASMA, LCD or LED TVs. We have a wide range of TVs for you to select and all these Samsung Factory Second TVs come with 1 year back to base warranty for the safety of your mind in purchasing our factory second TVs. All our Factory Second TVs are all fully refurbished and in full working order when sold. The warranty proves the conditions of our TVs when it gets sold.

Samsung Factory Seconds also specialises in bulk ordering for bigger savings. One of our main business is whole sale and whole sale to other retailers, whole sales, hotels and corporate. Enquire about our bulk buying and grab the best possible prices for your bulk orders today.

However, if you are interested in new TVs please visit our other websites for brand new Samsung TVs and their prices at www.samsungplasmatv.com.au, www.samsunglcdtv.com.au & www.samsungtvled.com.au.

For other enquiries please email or phone us any time. There are models that may not be present on this website so if there are any other Samsung TVs you are interested that may not be on the list please email or call for any enquiries.

For full terms and conditions please click here.

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